Travel to Maldives

Dotting the Indian Ocean at the equator, the Maldives may be the ultimate desert island vacation with 1,190 coral islands. Crystal-clear water and countless species of fish and coral make the Maldives a top destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. Stroll the white sand. Windsurf. Go catamaran sailing. Or just lie blissfully under a palm tree.
Weather in Maldives:
The average annual temperature is 26.7 C (80 F), with little seasonal variation. November - April is considered the dry season.
What to Wear in Maldives:
Light cotton clothes and beach wear at island resorts. For protection against coral, wear a T-shirt while snorkeling. When visiting inhabited areas in this Islamic society, wear clothing that covers thighs and shoulders.

Language in Maldives:
The official language is Dhivehi, which resembles other languages from Sri Lanka and India. English is widely understood and spoken.

Maldives Culture & Customs:
A tourist visa of 30 days is granted on arrival to all visitors with valid travel documents.
What to Buy in Maldives:
Local crafts include lacquerwork and weaving. Also browse for stamps and vivid fabrics.

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Maldives Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Republic of Maldives
Name: Rufiyaa
Code: MVR
Symbol: Rf
Electrical Plugs

230V 50 Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Divehi
Time Zones
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures