Travel to Taiwan

In under 50 years, Taiwan has developed into a thriving economic center, one of the four dragons of Asia. The capital, Taipei, bustles with activity, yet retains the customs of Confucius China. The National Palace Museum exhibits ancient Chinese art treasures, a "must see" in Taipei.
Weather in Taiwan:
Taiwan's climate is subtropical. Winters, December through February, are short and mild. The summer months of May through September can be hot and humid.
What to Wear in Taiwan:
Smart casual outfits, lightweight for the summer months, are recommended. Always bring a light sweater for air-conditioned restaurants. Wool jackets are essential during the cooler months.

Language in Taiwan:
National language is Mandarin Chinese. Many people speak some English - the most widely studied foreign language. Generally taxi drivers speak only Chinese or Taiwanese.

Taiwan Culture & Customs:
Witness many expressions of traditional Chinese culture, festivals, colorful folk arts and scenes of worship at ancient temples. Uniquely Taiwanese cultural activities include music and opera.
What to Buy in Taiwan:
You can find designer clothing, tailored suits, shoes, electronics, handicrafts, pottery and rattan furniture at modern shopping malls, or great bargains at night markets.

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Taiwan Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Republic of China
Name: New Taiwan Dollar
Code: TWD
Symbol: NT$
Electrical Plugs

110V 60Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Mandarin
Time Zones
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures