Travel to China

Discover Asian treasures in a land as old as time. You will be inspired by China's artistry, culture, and ingenuity as China has intrigued the world for centuries. Indulge in China's history, shopping finds and culinary treats. Go beyond the imperial majesty of Beijing to see cities such as Shanghai, teeming with enterprise. Capture the tranquility of nature from the upper deck of a river cruiser on the Yangtze River.
Weather in China:
Climate varies considerably. A most pleasant time to visit the North is spring and fall. The south is pleasant all year round except during the hot, humid summer.
What to Wear in China:
China is informal about clothing, although fashionable clothing is in vogue in Beijing and Shanghai. Sweaters are essential for cooler evenings. If traveling to the North during winter, bring down jackets and boots.

Language in China:
Mandarin is the official language. English is spoken in the tourism industry.

China Culture & Customs:
One of the world's oldest civilizations, China boasts a chronicled history of more than 5,000 years. China is home to 56 ethnic peoples and their folklore is as richly varied as its landscape.
What to Buy in China:
Look for silk embroideries, satins, damask and brocade. Ceramics, cloissonne, and filigree enamel work make excellent souvenirs. Chinese tea is as famous as Chinese culture.

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China Fast Facts

Country Full Name
People's Republic of China
Name: Yuan
Renminbi Code: CNY
Symbol: Y
Electrical Plugs

220V 50Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Mandarin
Time Zones
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures