Travel to Japan

Japan is an intricate blend of East and West, a land of everything from geishas and bonsai to cars and computers. Tokyo, its capital city, is a metropolis famous for its rigorous pace, yet there is a reverence for the past treasured by the Japanese. Tucked between skyscrapers are serene shrines built to blend with nature, not interrupt it.
Weather in Japan:
Japan has a generally mild climate, with four distinct seasons. Spring and fall are beautiful times to visit. Rainy season is from mid-June to mid-July.
What to Wear in Japan:
Bring jackets and sweaters for spring and autumn. Light, short-sleeved cotton clothing are more comfortable in the humid, summer weather. Clean (and warm) socks are needed, since shoes are customarily removed at many places.

Language in Japan:
Official language is Japanese, but English is understood and spoken in tourist areas and major shopping areas, Many signs are translated into English.

Japan Culture & Customs:
Taking a small gift when you visit someone is a Japanese tradition. Everywhere you go in Japan you will find shops selling local delicacies and they will wrap your gift beautifully.
What to Buy in Japan:
Favorites include pearls, cameras, watches, dolls, fans, lacquerware, pottery, silk goods, woodblock prints.

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Japan Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Japan (Nihon)
Name: Japanese yen
Code: JPY
Symbol: ¥
Electrical Plugs

100V 50Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Japanese
Time Zones
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures