Travel to Thailand

Picture exquisite, legendary temples whose beauty has always symbolized the Orient. Drenched in sunshine on the palm-fringed beaches to the South, or in the breathtaking beauty of the northern mountains. Bangkok, an exuberant capital city, offers a wealth of monuments to traditional glory. Throughout Thailand the infectious smiles of its people, and the idyllic scenery, will leave you longing to return.
Weather in Thailand:
Thailand's tropical climate is pleasant with regional variety. Southern resorts are typically warm. Northern resorts are cool from November to February.
What to Wear in Thailand:
Light loose-fit clothes are best for Thailand's climate. During the months of November to February, warm clothing is recommended in the North.

Language in Thailand:
Thai is the official language. English is understood in Bangkok and resort areas.

Thailand Culture & Customs:
Literal translation of "Thailand" is Land of the Free and the Thai people are proud of their long history of independence. Land of Smiles aptly describes their cheerful and gracious demeanor and they are remarkably tolerant of foreigners' foibles.
What to Buy in Thailand:
Colorful Thai silk and soft Thai cotton make fashionable items. Gold, native sapphires, rubies and garnets are great buys.

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Thailand Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Kingdom of Thailand
Name: Baht
Code: THB
Symbol: ฿
Electrical Plugs

220V 50Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Thai
Time Zones
GMT/UTC +7 (Indochina Time)
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures