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An island gem in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is home to a dazzling blend of races and creeds, each celebrating colorful festivals and customs. A bustling metropolis where skyscrapers jostle for space with quaint Chinese shop-houses, Singapore retains its legacy of a grand colonial past. A mix of tradition and modern, Singapore is where East and West come together. It's the perfect gateway to your holiday in Asia.
Weather in Singapore:
With a typically tropical climate, Singapore is warm and friendly at almost any time of year.
What to Wear in Singapore:
Daytime attire is casual and comfortable. Evenings are dressier, although only the most posh restaurants require a jacket and tie.

Language in Singapore:
English is spoken and understood by nearly everyone in Singapore. Taxi drivers and shopkeepers converse easily in English and are friendly and accommodating.

Singapore Culture & Customs:
Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. A clean and efficient subway system makes getting around easy. Singapore is renowned for the excellent quality and variety of its wonderful, spicy food. A meal at the open air hawker center is a treat.
What to Buy in Singapore:
Both traditional and modern goods are readily available, including handicrafts, silk, jewelry, watches, electronic goods, cameras, antiques, and Chinese herbs and spices.

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Singapore Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Name: Singapore Dollar
Code: SGD
Symbol: S$
Electrical Plugs

230V 50Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: English
Time Zones
GMT/UTC +8 (Standard Time)
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures