Medical Tourism

"Medical Tourism" is a term for the rapidly increasing practice of combining a medical procedure with a foreign vacation. Highly trained medical specialists abroad can often provide the same quality medical procedures as in the U.S., in ultra-modern facilities, and for a fraction of the cost. High-quality concierge services provide visitors in a foreign land with translators and interpreters for the assurances and amenities they need as they seek treatment.

U.S. Business magazines have documented that international-oriented services are usually first rate, but how much are the real cost savings? Enough that the procedure and a two week vacation in Thailand can be significantly less costly than the cost of the procedure alone in the U.S., and is often done more quickly.

AsiaLuxe Holidays collaborates with two of the finest hospitals in Bangkok known for their International reputation and established quality service. We arrange for you to communicate directly with those who know best about the procedure you are interested in, the Hospital and Dr. of your choice. After the parameters of your elected procedure are determined we can suggest itineraries for you enjoy while in Thailand.

Phyathai Hospital is a state of the art facility offering the latest technology and professional specialists under ISO 9001 standards, with an International Relations Center (IRC) and established record of handling foreign patients from around the world., and their three facilities average over a thousand foreign patients daily.

Bangkok International Hospital is an expansive, state-of-the-art medical campus providing comprehensive medical care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists. It has more than 650 full-time and consulting physicians, 700 nurses, and numerous teams of support technicians and specialists.

These medical facilities offer virtually every amenity imaginable, from concierge services and luxury accommodation, to translation assistance, even shopping and dining, ensuring every patient's visit is a pleasant and comfortable one.

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