Travel to Philippines

Experience an Asian fiesta in Manila. Colorfully painted jeepneys ply streets towering with modern skyscrapers. Sixteenth-century Spanish churches, cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages combined with an atmosphere of music, song, dance and the pulsing rhythm of local bands makes Manila a unique destination.
Weather in Philippines:
The dry season, December to May, is an ideal time to travel to the Philippines.
What to Wear in Philippines:
Light and loose clothes are most practical. Include a sweater or light jacket, especially if planning to travel to the mountains.

Language in Philippines:
Official language is Tagalog. English is spoken in business and tourist locations.

Philippines Culture & Customs:
Filipinos have a justifiable reputation as one of the most hospitable people of the world. Talking about one's family is enjoyed. Their origin is basically Malay-Polynesian along with Indian, Chinese and Spanish. Women are on equal footing in the Philippine business world.
What to Buy in Philippines:
Philippine baskets, made of natural fibers, are now found in many fashion capitals of the world. Shoes are a great buy along with matching bags. Silver or mother-of-pearl jewelry and embroidered clothing are all very popular.

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Philippines Fast Facts

Country Full Name
Republic of the Philippines
Name: Philippine Peso
Code: PHP
Symbol: P
Electrical Plugs

220V 60Hz
Languages Spoken
Official: Pilipino (Tagalog), English
Time Zones
Country Dialing Code
Weights & Measures