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Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, has a rich ancient and colonial heritage. The capital, Colombo, is situated on the coast, while the interior is filled with waterfalls, lush verdant countryside and tea plantations. Sri Lanka’s ancient civilization and Buddhist tradition left behind magnificent World Heritage sites in the famed Cultural Triangle. Yet it retains a splendid ecological environment with miles of pristine beaches and unspoiled National Parks, with a large population of Asian elephants and Leopards.
Weather in Sri Lanka:
The climate of Sri Lanka is quite diverse, with tropical heat in the lowlands and cool temperatures in the hill country. There are two main monsoon seasons: the climate is best in the southwest from October to April, while there is less rain in the northeast from May to October. Temperatures average 80°F in Colombo, 61°F in Nuwara Eliya in the mountains, all year round. Even during the monsoon seasons, the beach areas still get enough sunny and dry weather as it rains mostly for a few hours during the night.
What to Wear in Sri Lanka:
Cotton clothing is ideal in the lowland heat. For women, wear loose, long-sleeved blouses, trousers or skirts and socks for temple visits. For the hill country, light sweaters may be needed as it is cooler there. Bring an umbrella to keep off rain or for protection from the sun.

Language in Sri Lanka:
English is the common language, and Sinhalese and Tamil are spoken by their respective ethnic peoples.

Sri Lanka Culture & Customs:
Most Sri Lankans eat with their hands, although in restaurants cutlery is used. Wearing torn t-shirts, skimpy skirts, risque clothing or displaying bare shoulders is considered improper, especially in temples, religious sites, or in the presence of monks. Public displays of affection should be avoided.
What to Buy in Sri Lanka:
Sri Lanka has a rich handicraft tradition, with exquisite items such as masks, coconut-shell dolls, lacquer ware, silver and brassware. Tea, spices and cashew nuts make excellent souvenirs. A great variety of gems are mined in the country, with blue sapphires being the best buy. Other popular stones are star sapphires, star rubies, Alexandrites, amethysts, garnets, aquamarines and moonstones in beautiful designs and affordable prices. The best shopping is in Colombo but it is also fun to hunt for unique items in nearby villages.

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